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How to Get Relicensure Points Online

Finding time to take professional development courses to earn relicensure points can be difficult for teachers. Fitting in a weekly course, or going to a full day seminar simply doesn't work with many teacher's schedules. That's why I was so excited to learn that Learner's Edge offers online and print based distance learning professional development courses for teachers. You can take these courses in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

Learner's Edge was created by teachers. All of their courses are designed to improve your classroom teaching and fit into your busy schedule.

What Topics are Covered in the Classes?

Learner's Edge offers professional development courses on a variety of topics including classroom management, instructional strategies, literacy instruction, writing instruction, math instruction, and even dealing with difficult parents. Almost any topic you can think of is covered in one of Learner's Edge courses. If you are not sure which class is right for you, Learner's Edge advisors can help you choose courses that would most benefit you.

How Long Does it Take?

According to Learner's Edge a 3-credit hour course will take about 45 hours to complete. You can complete those hours on your own schedule but they must be completed during one of Learner's Edge 3 Sessions. Spring Session registrations are accepted from July 16- March 15 and all course work is due by April 15. Summer Session registrations are accepted from December 16-July 15 and all coursework is due by August 15. Fall Session registrations are accepted from March 16-October 15 and all course work is due by November 15. If you choose Aurora University as your academic partner the session dates will vary slightly.

Do I Get a Certificate or Credit When I Complete a Course?

Learner's Edge offers a variety of ways to take courses. You can take a course for graduate credits, non-credit or for a certificate.

  • 3 Graduate Credits: If you choose the 3 graduate credit course option you will receive a transcript from your selected academic partner (colleges and universities that partner with Learner's Edge). The course will reported on your transcript in semester hours.

  • Certificates: Certificates are offered after completing a series of courses on a specific topic. After completing the courses needed for the certificate you will receive the graduate credit for the courses as well as a certificate of completion. Some of the certificates currently offered include: Literacy, Instructional Strategies, and Early Childhood.

  • Edge Express: Edge Express workshops are free 2 hour workshops offered by Learner's Edge. When you complete one of these 2 hour workshops you will receive a certificate of completion. Edge Express courses do not count for graduate credit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price varies depending on whether you take the course for a certificate, graduate credit or non-credit, and which institution you choose to receive credit from. The courses I looked at were around $425 for 3 graduate credits or $325 for non-credit. Some academic partners are more expensive than others so, do your homework to decide which one is right for you. Visit the Learner's Edge website to check the pricing for the course that meets your needs. If you sign up through this link you get $20 off your first course.

Will My District/ State Count This Course Towards Relicensure?

You can earn your graduate credit through accredited institution in many states. However, every state and district has different requirements. Check that your state or district will accept Learner's Edge courses before enrolling.

If you are interested in taking a course through Learner's Edge click through this link to save $20 off your first course.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Read my affiliate disclosure here.

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