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Jordan Piacenti


I'm Jordan Piacenti, the face behind Kiddos and Crayons. I blog here at Kiddos and Crayons you can also find my resources on TPT











I have taught both first and second grade.  I also spent a few months as a substitute after I graduated from college.  One year, I had the unique experience of teaching at a gender differentiated school. I taught the all girls first grade class. This was the year that Disney's Frozen came out so, Let It Go was basically our class's theme song. 

A Few Facts About Me:

I grew up in Washington State. Now, I am lucky live here with my wonderful husband and our son.  I love the Pacific Northwest! The weather and the scenery are so beautiful here. 












I get to live here!

I graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I loved going to school at BYU, but I hated the snow!

I love to read. YA Novels are my favorite but, I will read pretty much anything. I tend to reread my favorite books over and over. My husband doesn't understand how I don't get bored.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I look forward to attending church each week. I enjoy volunteering in my congregation's Activity Days (youth group for 8-11 year old girls).


I love music. I have very eclectic tastes. My playlists have all eras and genres.  

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