6 Hand Signs That Changed My Classroom Management

Using ASL in my classroom has probably had a larger positive impact on my classroom management than any other strategy I have implemented. I love using ASL because it allows me to provide silent behavioral reminders to my students without stopping my lesson. There are 6 main signs I use in my classroom. The first two signs are signs my students use to ask me questions. The last 4 are signs I use to respond to my students or give them behavior reminders. Signs My Students Use to Ask Me Questions

First lets start with the two signs my students use to ask me questions during lessons. Using these signs greatly reduced lessons interruptions because students were no longer asking to use the bathroom or get a drink instead of answering a question. Students silently hold up these signs at their desks and wait for me to answer them with one of the four signs I use to respond to them. 1. Water Students use the ASL sign for water to ask to leave their seats to get a drink.

​2. Bathroom Breaks To ask to go to the bathroom my students use the ASL sign for toilet.

Signs I Use to Respond to My Students

When I see a student use the sign for a drink or bathroom break during a lesson, I use the signs below to respond to them silently without stopping my lesson. 1. Yes I use the ASL sign for "yes" to when it is okay for a student to take a restroom or water break.

2. No I use the ASL sign for "no" to when it is not okay for a student to take a restroom or water break. I also use "no" as a quiet reminder when a student is displaying an inappropriate behavior during a lesson.

​3. Wait

4. Sit Down

What strategy has most changed the way you manage your classroom? Share your tips in the comments below.

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