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8 Accents to Decorate Your Rustic Farmhouse Themed Classroom

1. A sign to remind your students how important they are.

Get it at GatheringGraceCo's shop: here.

2. A classroom library sign to inspire your readers.

Get it at Featherandbirch's shop: here.

3. A burlap and chalkboard printable calendar set.

Get it at my TPT shop: here.

4. A tissue holder for cold and flu season.

Get it at SouthernGirlsStuff's shop: here.

5. A reusable board to keep track of a everyone's birthdays.

Get it at AmericanAtHeart's shop: here.

6. A banner to help everyone practice math facts.

Get it at PartyFetti's shop: here.

7. Printable alphabet posters for easy reference.

Get them at my TPT shop: here.

8. A sign to remind everyone of the classroom rules.

Get it at elhdesign77's shop: here.

9. Letter tile storage boxes for all of your school supplies.

Get it at RedBarnDeams' shop: here.

10. A sign to remind you why you started teaching.

Get it at asimpleimpression's shop: here.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchases made through one of these links earns me a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This helps to support the blog so I can continue sharing content like this with you.  All views and opinions expressed are purely my own. Read my full affiliate disclosure here. 

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