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Words and Your Heart Book Review & Kindness Activities

My mother loved children's books. She was masterful at extracting lessons from the stories that

would stay with me. Now that I am a mother, I am always looking for impactful books that I can read to my son; books that have lessons that will stay with him long after the read aloud is over. Words and Your Heart by Kate Jean Neal is one of those books.

I first saw this book at Target, and I was immediately drawn in by the engaging illustrations. After I realized how important the message of this book was, I grabbed a copy to read with my son.

The book starts by telling the power that words have. The readers are taught that words they hear can impact their hearts. Words can be used to tell about the world, to paint pictures in other people's mind. Words can make our hearts happy. But, words can also be used to hurt.

The book tells the reader that their words have great power, they can use their words to encourage those who are sad or thinking of giving up.

I created some free printables that you can use as you read Words and Your Heart in your classroom. This read aloud is perfect for Valentine's Day or any other time of the year when you want to work on teaching kindness, and the value of thinking before speaking.

Your class can start by sorting words that help from words that hurt. Make sure to leave some time for your students to discuss why they sorted their words the way they did.

You can also use the included writing prompts to get your class thinking about how they can use their words for good.

I included bulletin board headers so you can display your student's writing. Hallway display=done (I've got your back).

Click here to get your free printables.

Grab Words and Your Heart by Kate Jean Neal on Amazon here.

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