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Free Earth Day Writing Activity

Earth day is coming up! This is a great time for us to teach our students how the little choices they make can make a huge difference for the environment. A few years ago to celebrate Earth Day, my school held a school wide "Campus Beautification Day". Each grade level was assigned a section of the school building or the grounds to clean. My class picked up litter on a large area of the school field. This allowed my students to see the effects that littering had on their school environment as well as how their clean up efforts could also greatly effect the school environment. Even if your school does not hold a school-wide Earth Day celebration, you can organize a smaller clean-up project for your class to complete. We asked parents to donate garbage bags and work gloves for the students to borrow for the day. To get your students thinking about how they can help the Earth I made up these free Earth Day Writing Prompt Cards. There are 8 cards with writing prompts as well as a printable Earth Day writing sheet. You can use these as a center, for fast-finishers or as a no-prep whole class writing activity during the month of April. Click here to download them from my TPT store today. What will you be doing with your class to celebrate Earth Day? Let me know in the comments below.

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