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Why is Developing Math Fact Fluency Important?

I've had many parents question the time I would spend practicing math facts with my class. It may seem a little "old school" to spend time working on memorizing math facts; but, math fact fluency, or the ability to recall the answer to math facts quickly and with out mental calculation, is an important foundational skill for academic success. 1. Math fact fluency paves the way for developing higher order math skills When students are able to use memorized math facts to automatically complete simple computations, it allows them to focus on the process of solving multi-step problems. When solving multi-step problems, taking breaks to complete simple computations can create confusion and cause students to loose their place. 2. Fact fluency creates builds confidence in math skills Math can be a intimidating subject for many students. When students are able to develop math fact fluency, it gives them confidence in their ability to master math skills. Once students realize that, with hard work, they have the ability to master math skills, it will give them confidence to preserve in mastering more difficult skills. Do you devote instructional time to math fact fluency?

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