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How to Start Using Choral Reading in Your Classroom

What is Choral Reading?

During choral reading, the whole class reads aloud in unison. Choral reading can be used with short passages, longer stories and even directions for assignments. How Does Choral Reading Benefit Students?

Choral reading helps develop fluency by providing them with a model of fluent reading to listen to. Choral reading helps students who don't feel comfortable reading aloud to practice in a group setting. It also provides a great opportunity for ELLs to participate in a less stressful environment. How Can You Start Using Choral Reading in Your Classroom?

1. To introduce your students to choral reading, you should start with a text that is simple and at or below the reading level of the majority of your students. 2. Briefly introduce your the text to your students. State a purpose for reading to help your students focus their attention. 3. Teach your students a signal that you will use to start and stop reading. (I like to raise my hand to signal the start and stop of reading). Have your students start and stop reading to practice using the signal. 4. Have your students begin reading in unison on your signal. Encorage your students to read at the same speed. If your students begin to read out of sync, pause the reading and restart. 5. If you are are reading a longer text such as a selection, you may wish to switch back and forth from choral reading and the teacher reading aloud to save time and help students engaged. Do you use choral reading in your classroom? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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