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End of the Year Compliment Book Activity + Free Printable


As the school year drew to a close in my classroom, I was looking for a fun way for my students to continue to practice their writing skills while making a fun keepsake they could look back on in years to come and I came up with the idea of a compliment book! This activity was perfect for my class at the end of the year but, it would also be great for any other time of the year when your class needs some team building. I printed off a cover for each student and glued it onto a sheet of construction paper. Then I stapled two sheets of construction paper along with several blank inner pages (you can use the printed pages provided in the download or just blank paper) to create a book. I gave each student a copy of the cover page and let them write their name on the line and decorate the cover. After they finished decorating the students glued the cover page onto the front cover of their book. After the students have finished decorating their books its time to let the fun begin. Each student opens their book to the first blank page and places a pencil next to their book. At my signal, the students slide one chair to the right and write a compliment to their classmate. Students continue moving to the right until they have had the chance to write in each of their classmate's books. Make sure that your students know that more than one person can write a compliment on each page to avoid using tons of paper! I am so glad I did this with my class. It was so cute to watch the smiles grow on each student's face as they were able to read the sweet compliments the received from each of their classmates. Go here to download this freebie to use in your classroom!

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