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How to Teach Hallway Procedures

Hallway procedures are a big deal the first few weeks of first grade! My class and I have been working hard practicing walking quietly in a nice straight line. My little firsties have made a lot of progress over the first three weeks of school. Something that has helped my class is reciting a little call and response rhyme every time we get ready for the hall. This rhyme was made up by one of my genius colleagues. I have been amazed by how it has helped my class behave in the hallway. Teacher: "Hands are.." Students: "Back!" (students put arms behind back so they are not touching others) Teacher: "Feet are..." Students: "Together." (Student put both feet together) Teacher: "Faces are..." Students: "Forward." (all students turn to face the front of the line.) Teacher: " Mouths are..." Students: "MMMMM..." (Students close mouths and say MMMM.) I love this rhyme because it gets each student ends up with their mouths closed at the end. My class knows once they finish the rhyme their mouths cannot open again while in the hall. It is amazing how quiet they are when they are focusing on keeping their mouths "MMMM." What are your tips for helping your class behave in the hallway? Let me know in the comments below.

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